Scott and Lisa

Who are we?

We are Scott and Lisa, an engaged couple living in Auckland who are passionate about weddings and video. We met in 2010 while we were studying film and have been engaged since late 2016. We love our dog Bard, a labrador x staffy rescue, spending time outdoors, travel and food, lots of food (making and eating).

After we finished studying we both began working in film and television on various projects and roles. We later decided it was time to start our own video business as it’s what we really love doing. So here we are making videos and loving every second of it.

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Lisa's picture.

"I love dogs... all the dogs. And pizza, actually all food as long as its vegetarian, traveling the globe, sunshine and a good wine or a hot cup of tea." ~ Lisa

Scott's picture.

"I love fast cars, dogs, making Youtube videos, yum food (especially vegetarian tacos), photography and blobbing on the couch with Lisa and our dog watching movies (not scary ones)." ~ Scott