Q: Why should I get a wedding video?

A wedding video is a great way to look back on your wedding day. The day goes by so fast it’s often so easy to forget parts. With a video you are able to re-watch your speeches video and your ceremony in full and pick up on people’s jokes and anecdotes you may have missed or had forgotten about.

Q: Do I need a video if I already have a photographer?

We love photos and think they are a very important part of the day but nothing quite captures the emotion and memories of your wedding like a video does with moving images and sound that photos alone aren’t able to do. We believe both are equally as important as each other and capture your memories in different ways.

Q: What is your style?

Our style is what we would call stylised documentary. We like making your videos look pretty while working around you and getting mainly candid shots. If you are ok with it we may ask you to pose a bit during the photo session but otherwise nothing is posed.

Q: How long do I have to wait to get my video?

8-10 weeks. We can be busy editing multiple videos at one time and we don’t want to rush yours, we want to be 100% happy with it when we get it to you.

Q: Who chooses the music for the highlights video?

We do. We spend a lot of time choosing a piece of music which matches your day and the mood and if we are limited by the song we feel the video may not be the best it can be. We also need to make sure we have the licence to the music we use.

Q: Where are you based?

South Auckland, but we are happy to travel. Travel costs apply for outside of Auckland and Waiheke Island.

Q: Do we need to feed you?

Yes please! We work long days and would love a meal to keep us going. We only require a main meal (vegetarian please) and we don’t mind having a quick food break out the back. You will need to check this with your venue, a lot of venues do “vendor” meals.

Q: How much is deposit?

Deposit is 50%, and the final amount is due 2 weeks after we send out your videos.

Q: Will you post any of my videos online?

We may put your highlights video online, but only if you are ok with it.

Q: Do your prices include GST?

No. We are not GST registered so you won’t have to pay anything additional to the price we quote you.

Q: How much do you charge?

Our packages start from $1000, see our packages here.

Q: Can I customise a package?

Yes of course. Let us know what you have in mind and we can give you a quote. Get in touch with us.